January 2018 - Accepting New Students  


Santa Barbara Strings is accepting new members to our three levels of progressive orchestras in January 2018.


For anyone new to Santa Barbara Strings, our program is open to any and all string players of all levels. 


  • Entry level orchestra, Toccata, is a first group/ensemble experience for the young player and teaches solfege, traditional fiddle music, ear training, note-reading, and many other fun group musical activities from which a young player will highly benefit. Suzuki repertoire is taught in addition to non-Suzuki repertoire. 

  • Middle orchestra, Sinfonietta, is composed of players largely at the level of Suzuki Books 1-4. 

  • Upper orchestra, Vivace is composed of  players of Suzuki Books 5-10 and advanced Baroque Concerto Grosso, Classical, Romantic, and Modern period repertoire is studied.


Fees listed here are based on Jan. thru May 2018, Spring Concert Sunday May 13, 2018 


  • Beginning  - TOCCATA - $150 (a weekly 45-60 minute rehearsal and one concert performance). Rehearsal on Saturdays 4-5pm.

  • Advanced Beginning/Intermediate  - SINFONIETTA - $200 (a weekly one hour rehearsal and one concert performance plus enrichment events). Rehearsal on Saturdays 3-4pm.

  • Advanced  - VIVACE - $225  (a weekly two hour rehearsal and one concert performances plus enrichment events).Rehearsal on Saturdays 4-6pm.


Scholarship assistance is available where there is financial need.  We strive to provide access to excellent music education for all enthusiastic and dedicated young musicians.


Please feel free to share this information with local area teachers (from Ventura thru Santa Inez) and any parents who might have children who would benefit from our program.

Interested? Contact Santa Barbara Strings sbstrings@gmail.com

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