The Music Education Program developed and led by

Artistic Director Mary Beth Woodruff


The goal of Santa Barbara Strings is to provide sophisticated and expert musical training and careful nurturing of young musicians as they develop as musicians and as well-rounded young people.


Our medium is music and our aim is to provide positive, healthy, “unplugged” from screens, joy-filled education.  Mary Beth Woodruff and her team of educators immerse students in the study of classical music. The programs strive to raise the standards for musical achievement and excellence in our community believing kids are capable of achieving remarkable things if given access to great, nurturing teachers and challenged to work hard and strive for excellence.





The foundational education program consists of progressive levels of string orchestras rehearsing weekly - TOCCATA, SINFONIETTA, and VIVACE.  These rehearsals focus on developing musicality, growing technical prowess & mastery in performance of works by master composers, creating cohesive ensembles, instilling an appreciation for classical music, building young people’s confidence, and providing a joyful immersion in a creative pursuit.  Music educators sit in at every rehearsal providing hands-on mentoring as the students  progress in their musical training.   Our teacher-student ratio is 1 to 5.


Students are grounded in the works of Baroque composers Bach, Corelli, Handel and Vivaldi and continue on to study composers and works from throughout the past 400 years.





Unique to Santa Barbara Strings is its Chamber Music Program training young musicians in the intricacies of chamber music in trios & quartets through weekly coaching by professionals.  This intensive program challenges and elevates the musicianship of its participants.    Approximately one third of the Santa Barbara Strings musicians currently take part in the Chamber Program





Nationally renowned mandolinist and Bluegrass artist Ashley Broder has created this intergenerational ensemble for musicians of all ages to  learn and play traditional, Celtic and Bluegrass music specially arranged by Ms. Broder for this Fiddle and Mandolin Ensemble.  Musicians here learn to play by ear and improvise, and create flowing ensemble work. 


Beginning Ensemble - TOCCATA - $300 for the full year (a weekly 45-60 minute rehearsal and two concert performances)


Advanced Beginning/Intermediate Ensemble - SINFONIETTA - $400 for the full year (a weekly one hour rehearsal and two 

concert performances plus enrichment events)


Advanced Ensemble - VIVACE - $450 for the full year ( a weekly two hour rehearsal and two concert performances plus enrichment events)


Scholarship assistance is available where there is financial need.  We strive to provide access to music education for all enthusiastic young people.


Santa Barbara Strings’ program fees for CHAMBER MUSIC are (selection through auditions):


Chamber Ensemble fees - $500 for the full year (weekly coachings for trios, quartets and quintets, showcase performance 

and community concerts plus enrichment events and opportunities)


The Honors Quartet - $600 for the full year (weekly coaching by the Artistic Director or Director of Piano Chamber Music, 

showcase performance and community concerts plus enrichment activities) 


Scholarship assistance is available where there is financial need.  We strive to provide access to excellent music education for all enthusiastic and dedicated young musicians.


Santa Barbara Strings FIDDLE-MANDOLIN ENSEMBLE - on hiatus Fall 2018.

This multi-generational ensemble focuses on traditional, celtic and bluegrass music and learning by ear and improvisation. 

$120 for a 10 week session each semester.


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