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Santa Barbara Strings provides sophisticated and expert musical training and careful nurturing of young musicians as they develop as musicians and well-rounded people.  Our medium is music and our aim is to provide positive, healthy, joy-filled education. 


We immerse students in the study of classical music offering them an incomparable vehicle for expression, communication, creativity, relationship building, while sharing and reveling in beauty.  We raise the standards for musical achievement and excellence in our community by believing that kids are capable of achieving remarkable things if they are given access to great, nurturing teachers and challenged to work hard to achieve excellence.





Our goals are:

(1) to provide sophisticated and expert musical training;


(2) to create a community of young musicians studying and engaging with the works of humanity’s enduring master composers of the past 400 years;


(3) to help each student through engagement with great music to grow with discipline, teamwork, and joy in creativity and to achieve progressive mastery as a musician;


(4) to develop the next generation of classical musicians, fans and audience members through providing engaging study of great works throughout music history, weekly rehearsals with top educators and mentors, hands-on training, and end of semester performances.

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