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Sept 2022 - May 2023

Tuition is due by September 7, 2022, unless a scholarship request is pending. We will begin accepting tuition on audition dates (orchestra assignments are made on audition day in most cases).                                               Tuition Sept - May.

String Orchestras  - Weekly Rehearsal & Two Concert Performances

                                                                           Tuition   PayPal*        Square*

Toccata        45-60 minute weekly rehearsals    $490     (+$15) $505   (+$13) $503     

Sinfonietta    60 minute weekly rehearsals         $650     (+$20) $670   (+$17) $667

                     plus enrichment events                                             

Vivace          120 minute weekly rehearsal         $750     (+$23) $773   (+$20) $770

                     plus enrichment events

Chamber Ensembles  - Weekly Rehearsal & Two Showcase Performances

                                                                             Tuition    PayPal*        Square*

Sinfonietta    60 min weekly coaching for trios, quartets & quintets           

Vivace                                                                  $600      (+$18) $618   (+$16) $616

Three ways to pay:

  1. Online Tuition Payment (button) + Pay Pal fee*

  2. Credit Card at Audition/In-Person + Square fee*

  3. Check – no added fee.  Please make checks payable to:  SANTA BARBARA STRINGS


* There will be an extra charge for paying online with PayPal or via credit card as noted.  Thank you for your understanding.


Scholarship Assistance is available for String Orchestras and Chamber Groups where there is financial need.  We strive to provide access to music education for all enthusiastic young people. Click on Scholarship Request button to download form or contact

Checks and scholarships requests can be mailed to:  (please email us that mail was sent)

Santa Barbara Strings

P.O. Box 61401

Santa Barbara, CA 93160

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