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New are Returning players please re-audition yearly. 

In-person: Sunday, August 27th 

from 1:00pm - 6:00pm  


We would like to offer the possibility of your young musician submitting his/her audition

via video this year. To do so, we ask that the following guidelines are observed:

Repertoire and Video Audition Instructions

1) Please select a solo piece of your choice that reflects your level of playing. No need for piano accompaniment.

2) For all players who are capable of doing so, please play a 3-octave scale of your choice with 4 eighth notes to the bow at a metronome marking of quarter note = 60. For those who have yet to begin 3-octave scale studies, please play a two octave scale of your choice with 2 quarter notes to a bow at a metronome marking of quarter note = 100. 

3) Please record both solo work and scale in a single take and place the file on Youtube, unlisted, and send us the link.

4) Please submit your video no later than August 20th and do so by sending us the youtube link to our email ( with the subject title of ‘<student name> audition video link’

For in-person auditions, requirements are the same as those listed above in the video submitted audition. Please use the sign up genius link provided to sign up for a time.

For beginning string players (Book 1 Suzuki or Pre-Twinkle), there is no need to play a scale. Your current solo piece being studied in lessons (working piece) or recently performed piece is desired as an audition piece. 

The general Orchestra Levels are as follows:

The Toccata Orchestra is a first group/ensemble experience for the young player and teaches solfege, traditional fiddle music, ear training, note-reading, and many other fun group musical activities from which a young player will highly benefit. Suzuki repertoire is taught in addition to non-Suzuki repertoire. 

The Sinfonietta Orchestra is composed of players largely at the level of Suzuki Books 1-4.

The Vivace Orchestra is composed of players of Suzuki Books 5-10 and advanced Baroque Concerto Grosso, Classical, Romantic, and Modern period repertoire is studied.


Chamber Music Program     
The Chamber Music Program trains young musicians in the intricacies of chamber music duos, trios, & quartets through weekly coaching by local professionals. This intensive program challenges and elevates the musicianship of its participants.

We also engage pianists in trios/quartets with Santa Barbara Strings players so please inquire if interested.

2023/2024 Season
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