Audition Information
2019/2020 Season
Join us for Santa Barbara Strings 10th Anniversary Season 2019/2020. (concert dates)

Audition Dates: Saturdays Aug. 24th & 31st (pick one date)
10 minute Audition Slots - 11am-3pm.

Please signup (email for signup link)

Audition Location: Monte Vista Elementary School, 730 N Hope Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Audition Prep:
Sight reading and any piece of that best represents the musician skills. 

Please bring all Registration Forms to the audition.

The tuition fees, program calendar and scholarship forms are also on this page.

Our program is open to any and all string players of all levels. 
The general Orchestra Levels are as follows:

The Toccata Orchestra is a first group/ensemble experience for the young player and teaches solfege, traditional fiddle music, ear training, note-reading, and many other fun group musical activities from which a young player will highly benefit. Suzuki repertoire is taught in addition to non-Suzuki repertoire. 

The Sinfonietta Orchestra is composed of players largely at the level of Suzuki Books 1-4.

The Vivace Orchestra is composed of players of Suzuki Books 5-10 and advanced Baroque Concerto Grosso, Classical, Romantic, and Modern period repertoire is studied.


Chamber Music Program
The Chamber Music Program trains young musicians in the intricacies of chamber music duos, trios, & quartets through weekly coaching by local professionals. In addition to strings only, we have groups also with piano led by our Director of Piano Chamber Music, Dr. Robert Cassidy. This intensive program challenges and elevates the musicianship of its participants. Approximately one third of the Santa Barbara Strings musicians currently take part in the Chamber Program.

Young pianists who are interested in the Santa Barbara Strings Piano Chamber Music Program should email both, and the Director of Piano Chamber Music, Dr. Robert Cassidy Dr. Cassidy will be in touch with interested pianists regarding an informal audition.

Accepting NEW Students Jan-May 2020
interested: email

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